Mindful Balance Massage, Inc. opened April 2016 and is located within the Longlife Wellness Center on Kildaire Farm Rd. in Cary, NC. 

I enjoying giving massages as much as I enjoy receiving them.  There is nothing more satisfying than watching the tension ease from a client's shoulders or knowing that a particular pain is no longer felt.  Everyone can benefit from regular massage. 

You don't have to get beat up in order to have a therapeutic massage.   
It is very rewarding for me to see my clients leave a session feeling better, happier, than when they first entered. Their smile makes me smile!  

Benefits of massage include:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • More energy
  • Improved concentration
  • Increased circulation
  • Reduced fatigueMassage can also help with reducing muscle spasms and cramping, reduce scar tissue and stretch marks, enhance immunity, improve range of motion, relax overused muscles, reduce/relieve migraine pain, lessen depression and anxiety and increase joint mobility.
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Customer Comments:

"Mary claimed she's not a miracle worker, but I disagree. When I walked in for my first appointment, I was having muscle spasm in my back, and couldn't even stand straight. I was walking easily, and only had one more spasm after my massage" - B.E.

"Mary is awesome. She customized my treatment based on my needs" -S.M.

"Mary is very personable and gives me the massage I need based on how my body is doing at that visit. Love that." - S.S.

"Mary was very thorough and professional, and did a wonderful job of addressing my pain." - L.C.

​"The technique used by my therapist was one that I've never experienced before. It was extremely effective and I was very pleased! Mary was also very knowledgeable and informative." - S.P.