Mary Misertino


Originally from central New York, I came to the Raleigh area by way of Boston in 1995 after college.  I began my professional career as a computer aided design drafter, and I have worked with various construction companies in the Raleigh area.  The transition to becoming a massage therapist began in 2009 when I asked myself, "What is my dream job?" It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had been doing the “dream job” as a hobby since high school.

After working full time and going to night school (The Medical Arts School), I completed the licensing exam in January 2011.  After working two, sometimes three, jobs at the same time over the next few years, I decided to focus on massage full-time.  I opened Mindful Balance Massage in April 2016.     

I use a range of techniques within the session to provide relief from the day-to-day stress or to work out a specific injury/pain area. I often tell new clients, "Some of my techniques may feel different that what you've previously experienced. It may feel like I'm not doing anything and you may not feel the effects while you are on the table, but you will  most certainly feel lighter when you stand up."

Each year I find continuing educational classes that allow me to grow as a therapist to effectively treat my clients. I am currently studying Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique with Full Circle School and am a SMRT teaching assistant. 

My other interests include working with local theatre groups, Irish dancing, cross-stitching, writing, reading and traveling.